Car accidents are something we do not want . However , when that happens , you will be injured and need good care . If you have seriously injured , you should immediately contact the nearest hospital and treated there . XpressMedCare can help if you are not too badly injured after hospital discharge . This is what may happen to you :
– Internal organ damage
– Broken bones
– Limb amputation
– Fractures
– Brain injuries
– Cuts
– Head injuries
– Back injuries
– Spinal cord injuries
– Bruises
– Neck injuries
We understand you are still in pain from injuries after an accident . Therefore , XpressMedCare will take care of you with serious , professional , and wherever possible will make you feel comfortable . XpressMedCare have sophisticated equipment , and a good many doctors , nurses also are ready to assist you . Do you need a CT scan , X – ray , or other examinations , you can do it at home .
Our Silver Spring , MD Doctors , have many treatment options . You can also ask for a prescription , physical therapy , healthy living tips , whatever you want . Our goal is that you can be healthy and play as soon as possible with your family again . We want to keep you as healthy as possible .
When you entering XpressMedCare , our friendly doctor will greet you. We will ask what your medical history , your illness history . If you want share your car accident story , our doctors will be ready to listen well . Of course, it’s important to your mental cure , so we will be ready to listen . We also ready to share good driving tips so that your car accident does not happen again . Once your doctor make the diagnosis of your illness completely , we will discuss your treatment plan with your own self . We do this because we want you involved in your body ‘s health . We believe the most loving yourself is yourself , therefore you will we engage in this healing .